The Beginning of Spring Flowers – Daffodils, Dutch Iris, Tulips and Anemones

The first table vase of the season.

At last, I’m finally sitting down to write a legitimate first post on the new blog!  The weather has been so nice lately and I have been in a literal mad-dash to start the seeds that need to be started. I’m definitely a little behind in the game, as it took quite some time to get the setup going.
As you can see, the flowers in the hoophouse have finally started to bloom.  While dutch iris don’t have the most amazing vase life in the world, I still picked a nice big bunch to enjoy in the house, along with some of the first anemones. The anemones are still rather small, but the stems are getting longer and the blooms are getting bigger with each passing day.

Though I don’t have any photos the daffodils outside are quickly forming buds and will hopefully be blooming within the next week or so. I planted about 400 daffodil bulbs last October and it’s a complete relief to see that they didn’t have any troubles with the snow and cold temperatures.

Tulips and dutch iris in the hoophouse

The tulips inside the hoophouse are also moving and grooving – blooms in the next couple weeks I’m sure. The single tulips growing outside are following closely behind. The double, parrot, fringed, and late darwins are just starting to emerge which will provide another healthy stream of at least 200 blooms.
On the seed starting front, there’s certainly a lot going on.  As I’ve mentioned more than once, almost 70% of the flowers that will be grown this year are varieties which are completely new to me. This means the added stress and wonder of whether or not these things are actually going to grow or not. Either way, so far, I’ve had some pretty consistent success (knock on wood). There are over 2000 snapdragons up and growing, along with several gerbera daisy and lisianthus.  Flats of hardy annuals have been seeded in the small unheated hoophouse, and as of checking on them today, are showing the first signs of life.

“The Bride” anemones are blooming!

Getting the sweet peas planted and settled into their final location has been a little bit stressful. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that someone had taken many of my starts. Though the time is right to finally get these lovelies into the ground, the weather will simply not cooperate. The ground is so soggy and squishy that I sink deep into the soil – definitely not a good time to start working the dirt.

I hope that everything is well on your side of the screen! Please feel free to let me know what you’re growing 🙂 Talk to y’all later!

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