Harvest & Handling: Daffodils – Daffodils as Cut Flowers

Hello lovelies!

I hope this post finds everyone well! Things have certainly been busy here. After a pretty much set back, I’ve been busy playing a mean game of catch up. The weather has been gorgeous. GORGEOUS. However, the extra warmth means that a lot of the flowers have suddenly decided to burst open with color.  The daffodils are no exception!
  Last year, I planted about 450 daffodil bulbs. At the time, I thought I was going way overboard.  It was a really great deal that I couldn’t not take advantage of.  At this point, I wish I would have bought even more! Establishing a reliable harvest can be a little difficult starting out. I’ve managed to sell a few bunches, but only in the instances when my neighbors have absolutely begged and begged. For now they’re mostly hanging out on my kitchen table and I’m enjoying it tremendously.
  Tulips are the same exact story. I found a bargain, and now I’m basically kicking myself for not taking better advantage of the opportunity. Those that were grown outside are, admittedly, looking pretty rough due to various factors such as snow, extreme cold, and me literally accidentally walking all over them a million times.
  This time of year always makes me feel like I’m scrambling around with absolutely no clue what I’m doing. In any given day, I’ll be picking flowers, planting seeds, planting transplants, arranging flowers, delivering flowers, or maybe doing some kind of other crazy maintenance thing. Organization has never been one of my str
ong points, and I’m the most ridiculous procrastinator that you’d ever meet – but I’m definitely powering through!
  One thing that I really want to focus on this year is doing vase life trials for each of the flower varieties that I grow.  Part of this idea is really selfish, in that I wanted an excuse to have flowers all over the house. But! I really do want to know how my flowers will do for anyone who takes them home!
  I’ve never had great success with cut daffodils. I chose the “worst case scenario” but simply cutting the flowers, placing them in water (not changing it, no preservatives, room temperature), and walking away. You’ll find the results below.
Aside from harvests, the sweet pea trellis has finally been set up, even though I’m much further behind there that what I would like to be. A new batch of seeds have also been ordered after the originals had managed to “mysteriously disappear” from the hoophouse. I’d love to say more, but there are unfortunately more pressing issues to face. Talk to you guys later!


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