Tulips, tulips, tulips!

Hi lovelies 🙂

I’m just going to go ahead and be honest – we’re all friends here, right? The vase life trials for tulips will simply not be happening. In life, and in planning a rather
large expansion to the cut flower garden I’ve had to reassess my priorities pretty often.  This would probably explain the reason that it’s almost 2am EST

as I’m typing

this 🙂
  The orders have been flying in like crazy.  This week alone over 200 oriental lilies, 50 dahlias, 500 gladiolus, and 200 liatris have arrived. I know that might not sound like a lot to someone who has been in this business a while, but for me – this is huge! I’m learning more and more by the day, be it from reading blogs or watching random videos or scanning instagram. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never necessarily been in love with social media.  It has a sneaky way of skewing reality. In one hour of browsing, I was bombarded with businesses claiming to do exactly what I want to do – but then I’d see something that seemed “off”. I’d research a little more and see that what they claim wasn’t really so. I dislike being deceived more than pulling weeds (that’s a big deal, y’all!) However, just as you can find those who discourage – there are tons of folks that are crazy inspirational. One day, I’d absolutely love to be one of those inspirational people! But, for now, I think I’ll stick to blogging and take pictures of the process along the way, this of course, includes all of my failure (and a first hand look at all of those ugly weeds that run rampant through the garden).
  Speaking of failures – (haha!) I feel like within each post I should have a special section that lists all of the things that have gone terribly wrong for the week.  I’m still playing a major game of catch up, as I wait for additional seed trays to come in the mail.  I’ve also ordered quite a few “repeat” seeds to make up for all those that I’ve already lost or killed. This spring has been crazy mild and rainy. For the past week or more, the sweet peas have been under about 4 inches of water. I’m thinking it’s way too late for those to be saved – looks like another victim in the long list of plants that I’ve neglected.
  The tulips (at least the singles) look like they are going to officially finish up this week. They really did make a great run between those that were planted outside and those that were in the hoophouse.  Next year, I’ll have to figure out how to stagger the blooms just a little more. In other news, the ranunculus have finally come on – just in time for the 80 degree weather! Obviously, these flowers aren’t very happy about this. Either way, as it turns out, the “mix” that I ordered way back in October seems to be less of a mix and more of “just red and yellow”. I’m not going to fume about that though. The fact that I was able to grow these plants through the entire winter and actually have them bloom is victory enough for me!
Now that I’ve gotten my hands on some of the supplies that I’ve really wanted, I’ve got something really fun brewing! Anyway, hope you guys are having a great day! Take it easy!

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