More Rain on my Parade

Hi Lovelies,

Hope the day is finding you well. I can say that things are looking up a little here – but that’s only because the internet connection is finally back and I can actually sit down and collect my thoughts. I went into this year being extremely thoughtful. By that, I mean, I planned. I’ve always been one to procrastinate. But, this time around, I thought I had everything figured out – down to the last square inch of planting space.

However, there are things in life that you can never plan for. You don’t expect a passing in the family, you don’t expect your hard work to be stolen in the night, and you certainly don’t expect to have the land you’d planned to use become suddenly unavailable at the most inopportune time – without warning, might I add.

Trying to make this wacky dream of mine into a reality has been a constant struggle in almost every aspect. At first, money was a huge issue. But, you never really know how much junk you actually have just collecting dust until you clean your house and post it all online. The thought that I had the space problem crossed off was such a huge relief. Now, I’m basically back to the start, with the exception that there’s now quite a bit of money locked into this deal. I’m not one for giving up; I never have. Yesterday, I began the process of ripping the grass out of my entire backyard. When it was finished, I looked around and felt like crying. Let’s face it – a 30’x30′ backyard isn’t going to offer the solution to my problem. My last resort seems as if I’ll be headed to the community garden. This feels almost as hopeless as the idea of not growing at all. I fully support the base of community gardens and think they are absolutely wonderful. I just can’t ignore my past experiences, though. I understand that there may be a need for food. I understand the importance of giving and only taking what you need. But I’ll never understand the choice to destroy someone’s hours and hours of hard work in such a disgusting way. You’re welcome to ask about my story, but I think most people regret that question when they ask it – so I’ll keep it to myself for now.

Anyway, maybe things will work themselves out or maybe they won’t. All I can do is hope for the best. There’ll always be roadblocks in life, but if something is truly worth it – and something that you love – there’s no doubt that you can move past it. After a few more days of insane frustration, I’ll hopefully be back on track. Worst case scenario, there’s always ebay to help cut my losses. I hope that I’m joking…


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