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Hi Lovelies,IMG_20150609_122859 (1)

Just thought I would take the time to quickly check in. Last time I took to writing, everything was pretty stressful. I didn’t have a place to grow anything and precious time was slipping away from me as I frantically searched. I’m happy to say, that though I’ve lost a few succession plantings, I found a nice field to use and temporarily call “home”. When you’re desperate, you can’t exactly be “choosey” – but rather extremely thankful that you once again have the opportunity to do what you absolutely love. Not having access to my original location has caused some other issues, too. Having made amendments to soil and worked in compost, it’s a total bummer when that goes out the window and you end up growing on ground that looks like it could be used as a movie set to replicate the surface of Mars.

IMG_20150529_001956 (1)
Ground control, no signs of life here!

Either way, I’m absolutely determined to make the best out of this situation even though I’m still way behind. Over the past week, I’ve been hustling to plant the remaining annuals that I have which include a massive amount of pollen-free sunflowers, zinnias, and all kinds of other beauty. I’d be lying if I said that the concrete heavy-clay texture of the soil didn’t make me nervous about direct sowing and germination. The sunflowers seem to be strong enough to handle it, but the more dainty flowers and smaller seeds simply do not like what I’ve asked them to do. Without a doubt, I’ll be updating the blog sporadically and keep you posted!

IMG_20150608_190357 IMG_20150607_193355


In other news, the very few bulbs that I had planted around the house are up and doing well. The first of the calla lilies have been cut and have already found new homes. Don’t despair, more are on the way! Asiatic lilies have also started to crack open. I’m so incredibly eager to be swimming blooms! Hope everyone has an amazing day!


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