Updates – Sweet Peas, Lisianthus, Catmint, and Planting Time

Hi Lovelies,

IMG_20150613_175325 (1)
Lisianthus, Catmint, Sweet Pea, and Bachelor Buttons

I hope that everyone is doing quite well. I’ve been on the road to recovery for the past week after a quick visit to the emergency room, yuck! With this, I’ve been away from the flowers and so much has gone on without me. Though I’m technically still supposed to be on bed rest, I’ve been slowly making my way around and cutting a few stems here and there. It’s always amazing how much just a little color can cheer me up!

Sunflowers, finally.

The calla lilies are still totally rocking, though the japanese beetles have finally arrived, which means their glory with be short lived and will be absolutely devoured sometime very soon. I think this early heat really helped to make this year one of the best crop of callas that I’ve ever had.

IMG_20150614_142812 (1)

However, the heat has taken a few victims. Some of which include the candytuft. Last year, the candytuft were cutie pa’tooties, but this time around it’s looking quite fried – along with the statice. I’ve said it a thousand times: you win some, you lose some.

IMG_20150612_201845 (1)
Flora Norton Sweet Pea

One of the most fabulous things that I wanted to mention is that the sweet peas actually bloomed. As you may recall, the first batch of sweet peas were stolen and the second planting were flooded away in an 8 inch downfall. By the time I planted a third batch, it was almost too late and I had all but lost hope. I’ve only been able to pick a couple tiny bunches, but the stem lengths are great and the smelllllllllll……………..ugh, I love it. I’ve also, for the first time ever, been successful in growing lisianthus! (Remember, those were stolen, too!) Let us all rejoice!

I think that’s all for now. ┬áBe on the look out for the next post about topping the dahlias for more blooms! Much love!

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