Sour Feelings and Pretty Zinnias

Hi Lovelies,

These zinnias are standing tall even though they’re currently under about 3 inches of water. Pictured are “Orange King” and “Canary”.

I hope all is well! It’s been about a week and things are finally starting to change around here. I’ll admit to having some sour feelings about the garden lately. I think a lot of it stems from things that are simply out of my control. This season has been a roller coaster, and I can’t help but feel that Murphy’s law has been in high gear in terms of the universe trying to ruffle my feathers.


The weeks and weeks of rain seem to have finally subsided. My neighbor loves keeping track of the weather. According to his rain gauge, he measured just under 22 inches of rain in 30 days. Part of me wonders how such a number is even possible, while the other part of me being attacked by massive swarms of mosquitoes believes that it had to be even more than that. Speaking of mosquitoes. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love picking flowers, only to look down and see over 15 mosquitoes covering my legs. I digress.


The garden is once again passable now that we’ve had two wonderful days of sunshine. Sure, things are still a muddy mess, but at least most of the puddles are gone. Because the soil is heavy clay river silt, many plants have gone on to that great flower patch in the sky.  There’s only so much that you can expect. Of course I’m disappointed, but I also realize that once algae starts growing where you’ve planted seedlings, the results probably won’t be so good. The only thing that you can do is move on.


Enough of the negatives! The good news is that the zinnias are finally blooming and the dahlias are not far behind them! Even though the wind blew through some of the dahlias like a freight train last week – I’m so excited to see what happens. If you see me out in the streets dancing, just go ahead and assume the dahlias are here. I love them that much. With things still drying up, I also got a chance to do some arranging and as always, I so enjoy giving away these beauties. Local donations have also finally started! It feels so good to finally get the ball rolling again after so much time just spinning my wheels.


Anyway, if you’ve got a question feel free to ask 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week! Big thanks to everyone who helped us get to 500 followers on Instagram this week! You guys rock! Much love!

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