Saving Cosmos Seeds

Hi Lovelies!

Last week I was busy singing the praises of my ‘Bright Lights’ Cosmos patch. This week, I thought I’d quickly share the current process I’m going through with saving some seeds for next season. I’m sure a lot of folks may wonder why I’m bothering to collect seeds when they are so inexpensive. The simple answer is — because I like doing it. Seed saving became a habit the first year I grew veggies, and when it’s this easy how can I resist!

So you’ve got these orange beauties, and you forgot to pick them! Don’t fret, it happens to the best of us!
Judging by this photo, you can really tell that the time started to get away from me. I don’t think I could hide something like this in a bouquet! Looks like I’ll have to wait a little bit longer!
Now it gets interesting! This is what the cosmos starts to look like once its lost all of its petals and the seeds are beginning to form. The seeds aren’t ready yet, though! Green seeds aren’t mature. However, I love cutting branches of cosmos when flowers are at this stage. The tall, wiry stems make a really funky green addition to bouquets! If you aren’t looking to add some cool texture to your arrangement, leave these on the plant and keep waiting for seeds!
Soon, pods will begin to dry out and turn brown. Check often, as this can happen fairly quickly. Once flower heads have dried, seeds will fall out extremely easily. As you can see here, I was tardy to the seed party and this flower has dropped nearly all its seeds! I collect multiple stems and shake them over an old sheet – it works like a charm.

That’s all for now – hope you’re having a really great week!


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  1. Your photos are beautiful. Growing from seed has such reward–it requires patience, but adds a level of appreciation and commitment that can’t be had when simply plopping a purchased plant in the ground.

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