Photo Friday – Pt. 3

Hi Lovelies,

As always, just a few photos from the past week. Hope you enjoy!

‘Kurume’ Celosia, ‘Burmese’ Okra, ‘Tall Orange’ Sunflower, ‘Aurelia’s Green’ Amaranth, ‘QIS Mix’ Gomphrena
Totally loving these ‘Giant Yellow’ Marigolds – more information about those coming soon!
Cotton. One of my absolute favorites!
This volunteer sunflower is incredible! Buttery dark yellow flowers, over 10ft. tall, and extremely long branches. Yes, please!
These were originally picked for a project, but ended up on my kitchen table instead. Whoops. ‘Bright Lights’ Cosmos seed pods, Gomphrena, Celosia, and unopened Sunflowers.
The foliage was already wilting by the time I got around to taking a photo, but the ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias are doing some big time blooming. I added some amaranth and unopened zinnias for a little flair. I think adding the ‘fountain’ grass was a mistake – I won’t add it next time. Either way, I still love it!
This is what the field looks like right now. Next year, I might plant the zinnias closer than 9″x9″. It’s almost impossible to walk down the row of celosia right now – the enormous bumblebees are incredible territorial. Yikes.
Patiently waiting for my new rose bushes to keep on growing! This is ‘Lady of Shallot’
Another “Kitchen Sink” bouquet. ‘Cafe au Lait’ and ‘Precious’ Dahlias, Green Amaranth, Pokeweed foliage, ‘Kurume’ Celosia, ‘Bright Lights’ Cosmos.
When the sun went down, I snuck into the celosia patch and took this picture – I’ve literally got to wait until the bees are “sleeping” or it’s going to be a bad time.
The first ‘Double Click’ Cosmos of the season, so cute.

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