Photo Friday – Pt. 5

Hi Lovelies,

I hope that you enjoy!

Peach Celosia
This cool praying mantis hanging out on the cosmos.
Behind the scenes, in the field.
I think this is ‘Pineapple Express’ dahlia.

IMG_20150905_020527 IMG_20150905_101209 IMG_20150908_134549 IMG_20150909_065256 IMG_20150910_020955 IMG_20150909_182113 IMG_20150910_145659 IMG_20150910_204004 IMG_20150910_234631

10 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Pt. 5

  1. Your photos and flowers are outrageous! I love the one with the praying mantis and the Dahlias and your combinations of flowers are wonderful. I have just planted zinnias for the first time in my garden this year and I’m in love with them but i’ve been wanting to plant Dahlias for some time as well. I haven’t seen any varieties her in Mexico that i like as much as yours, however. I may just have to enjoy them vicariously. I love your blog.

      1. Yes, sure is! That variety is called ‘Precious’. There’s a separate post with more photos of the blooms if you’re interested! 🙂 🙂

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