Photo Friday – Pt. 7

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you enjoy the photos from this week!

A handful of dahlias. As it turns out, I was totally swooning over how precious these colors are together. From left to right, ‘Cafe au Lait’, ‘Gingersnap’, and ‘Clyde’s Choice’.
Since the weather has cooled off and that bugs have gone away, the ‘Paul Neyron’ roses are beautiful. I’ve heard so many terrible reviews about this rose, but it’s done wonderfully here in zone 6.
Another bouquet that screams, “FALLL!!!!”. Lol, sorry. Anywho, ‘Aurelia’s Green’ Amaranth, ‘Kurume’ Celosia, Goldenrod, ‘Meteor’ Zinnia, ‘Orange King’ Zinnia, ‘Salmon Rose’ Zinnia, ‘Persian Carpet’ Zinnia, and ‘Double Click’ Cosmos.
Some odds and ends flowers and a table full of delicious heirloom tomatoes – who could complain about that!?
Homegrown pasta sauce, ftw!
The guard cat is on duty! Seriously though, I’m glad this guy decided to adopt me (I’m not even kidding, he just showed up and moved himself in!).
Tearing out garden beds and planting hardy annuals has slowed things down quite a bit. Pink and red is so not my personality, but it’s growing on me. From left to right, ‘Gay Princess’ Dahlias, ‘Ali Oop’ Dahlias, ‘Paul Neyron’ Rose, and ‘Rebecca Lynn’ Dahlia.
That feeling when your neighbor’s dogs won’t stop peeking into your windows and just go home.
Zinnias for days.

26 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Pt. 7

  1. Good Morning….wow you got my attention, I love, love, love zinnias, and your field of them makes me wish I wasn’t in drought ridden California…I enjoyed your pictures and I agree what a beautiful rose…..thanks for stopping by my blog, I am going to enjoy opening yours everyday….now the big problem is picking which picture I want on my laptop…LOL Kathy

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Don’t worry, when it’s January and there’s a foot of snow on the ground here, I think you’ll be very happy to be in California! LOL!

  2. Beautiful flowers, fruit, pasta sauce and pets. Nature is completely amazing isn’t it? It is hard to rip out some of the annuals at this time of year… especially when there are still flowers and buds.
    I’m hosting a Looking Good link up today at and every Friday from now on. If that fits in with your Photo Friday I would love it if you would like to join in. Here’s the link

  3. Wonderful Dahlia’s, I grew in my allotment this year just for cut flowers, and picked a wonderful bunch only this morning.. You have a wonderful Blog, Thank you so much for dropping into Dreamwalker’s Garden.

  4. I absolutely love your flowers! They look like what my garden would if it were larger – so inspiring!

    1. I definitely don’t think the ‘Cafe’ will disappoint you! They’re so fluffy, and not to mention robust. Now that the weather has cooled, I’ve been getting the most gorgeous creamy blooms! I hope they do really well for you!!

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