Photo Friday (on a Saturday)

Hi Lovelies,

Alright, so I may or may not have had a little mix up when trying to write these posts and accidentally scheduled yesterday’s post and this one in reverse order! Here are a few of the most recent captures from the garden. I hope you enjoy!

Oh ‘Cafe au Lait’, why do you have to be so pretty and delicate?
I was finally able to get a picture of ‘Ali Oop’ that was near true color. I love these thingsssss.
I’m not sure what variety this is, but I’m waiting patiently!
The last of the Lisianthus was picked this week. I wish I had the room to plant more of these.
I was lazy and planted the last batch of sunflowers two weeks late. I’m hoping they’ll beat the frost! I want to see these fall beauties so badly!
‘Double Click’ Cosmos looking nice still.
Ugh, these colors! They seriously make me just want to go out and fall in love with someone. ‘Cafe au Lait’, ‘Honey Dew’, and ‘Daydreamer’ Dahlias.
Just enjoying the view down the row.

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