Last Year’s Tulips

Hi Lovelies,

He likes coming outside with me, but I couldn’t help take a picture when he fell asleep on the job – while still sitting up.

By now you’ve probably figured out that it’s very rare that I do anything without procrastinating for as long as possible first. That means I haven’t even ordered or bought my tulip bulbs. Technically, I could be planting them right now, but it’s not exactly a secret that I’m waiting on them to go on sale. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to show you some of the tulips that were grown last year! I hope you enjoy!

‘Dior Double Early’ Tulip – This one was terrible in my garden. Is Mr. Dior aware of this mess? I’m not growing this one again.
‘Blue Spectacle Double Early’ Tulip – This one isn’t as bad, but I’m not growing this one again, either. The doubles were a complete strike out last year.
This one was a winner. This one is ‘Brest Double Fringed’ Tulip. It’s the only one of the doubles I would grow again if I ran into bulbs somewhere.
My cheap mix was filled with reds and yellows, still lovely though.
Red and yellow tulips rocking in this bouquet. Doesn’t this look like something you’d see in an elementary school. I love the primary colors, they make it seem so happy!
April floods bring May flowers?
I love spring. More of ‘Mixed Darwin’ tulips that I got on sale for .08 cents each. Win!
I like planting my tulips really close together, it just makes things look so much nicer. Plus, it’s easier to plant and pick! In a very small space I was able to plant over 1000 bulbs.
Dark purple ‘Queen of the Night’ in action. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I liked these.
‘Mondial’ Tulip – I liked the overall look of these, but the flowers were just too small and refused to open any larger than this. Totally disappointing.
So lovely. Here’s a close up of ‘Queen of the Night’.


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  1. I can’t wait to get some bulbs set out. Like you, I procrastinate. Red tulips were my dads favorite so I would like to plant a small bed with only varieties of them. I love those Queen of the Night. They are beautiful.

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