Photo Friday – Pt. 8

Hi Lovelies,

Looks like this will be the last “Photo Friday” of the season! I hope you enjoy!

‘Daydreamer’ Dahlia – ugh! It’s so beautiful!
The last bucket of ‘Kurume’ Celosia
‘Polventon Supreme’ Dahlia looking mighty fine on what might be the longest stem I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the stem is like over 2ft long.
IMG_20151014_140230 (1)
My last handful of dahlias. ‘Cafe au Lait’ in front (cream/beige), ‘Pineapple Express’ (far back, yellow), ‘Polventon Supreme’ (back yellow with open center), ‘Rebecca Lynn’ (hidden darker pink), ‘Honey Dew’ (front yellow), ‘Neon Splendor’ (dark orange, hidden), ‘Linna’ (I think, yellow with orangeish tips, center), and ‘Ali Oop’ (dark reds)
Up close and personal – so pretty!

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Pt. 8

  1. Very beautiful! You are really motivating me to learn to grow flowers better this winter. We have some dahlia bulbs but I put them where there was too much shade, and I was afraid to prune them, and they ended up just looking ugly…with a nice flower drooping somewhere.

    1. I’ve done the exact same thing! The first year that I grew dahlias, they were in too much shade and I didn’t get a single bloom. When the plants are about 18″ tall in the spring, I go through and cut the growing tips – this encourages more blooms and have definitely made a difference! I think some folks who live in a warmer climate than me even snip the dahlias twice in a season for more flowers. I’m going to give that a try next year 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos. Our soil is so rocky (granite) that i would have to truck in loads of dirt just to get a raised bed going. Maybe I’ll try it when I retire, but for now, I’m just gonna dream through your gorgeous flowers.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Maybe I can look up some flowers that don’t mind rocky soil! I’ve got heavy river clay and am definitely envious of those with a nice loam!

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