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Hi Lovelies,

Back in the day – if you look closely, I was growing candytuft before it was cool. Just kidding, but seriously – this was probably the third or fourth arrangement I’ve ever made.

Origins – I’ve always been interested in them. Being from what most would consider the south, I’m quite accustomed to hearing phrases that you wouldn’t run into elsewhere. On occasion, I hit the ole’ Google machine and do a little searching for the things I hear. I realize this doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but the dorky English-lover in me feels really satisfied at the results. Today, I thought that I would share the origin of my love of flowers – the very first arrangement that I ever gave anyone.

A simple jar of flowers came about rather unexpectedly. I received a free package of zinnias and planted them. I really loved calla lilies, so I ordered a few bulbs (I thought it would be neat to have in the yard).  I grabbed a small package of gladiolus at the dollar store from the bargain bin on a whim – not even knowing what they were. I had no intention of cutting them, but the stars aligned (so to speak) and I thought they would look lovely. Essentially, I feel like they chose me – I didn’t choose them.

The flowers in the picture below don’t match. They don’t fit into the same theme. In fact, I’m sure every single floral designer who saw them would have laughed at them – but I don’t care. I grew them, and gave them to someone I love. That feeling is worth more than any design aesthetic I could have hoped for, and I’m really glad that flowers chose me.

Just some gladiolus, zinnias, and calla lilies. Every story has a beginning, always embrace it.

What was the first thing you ever grew? Is there a story behind it? I’d love to hear your story in the comments, or feel free to make your own origin post and tag me! Much love!

4 thoughts on “Origin Stories

  1. They are beautiful! congrats on the pumpkin!! If you need any help on natural growing, pest control, or companion planting – please let me know! Its what we do on our farm and I love to share! Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  2. Funny I read this tonight. Things are unfolding after I planted my first pumpkin this year and my first bag of dahlia bulbs. Things I set about doing as my first step in settling in my new rental home, starting a new (going through a divorce with two kiddos) life, and redefining myself. Little had I even known about flower farming when I weeded around the house (really to just keep up with my neighbor) and never would I have guessed I’d be here just months later posting to you and laughing at myself that- I’m gonna make a go of this! Giving something a shot is what counts right- the journey isn’t a waste!

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