Making a Festive Fall-Inspired Broom with Broom Corn

Hi Lovelies,


Day 19 is here, and I feel like I’ve got something pretty neat to share – I made a broom. I grow broom corn or sorghum mainly because I think that it’s super cute in fall arrangements. In fact, I had so much of it – I was sticking stalks into everything I had! So, as I was picking it last night (cleaning before the frost) I started thinking about brooms and wondering how on earth people used to make these things before the wonderful modern world that we live in came to be.

I’ve always loved to know how things are made, specifically how they were made in a simpler time. In many ways, it makes me feel connected to my roots and helps me realize just how much I really do take for granted on a daily basis. Even things like brooms took a lot of work – you couldn’t just run out to the store and buy one.


So, I took to the internet in search of a tutorial about the process. I did come up with enough information to vaguely form a plan in making my own. Most information came from legitimate artisans (which I’m not, obviously) who have a passion for preserving the past. It was enough for me to decide that this was definitely worth trying. If you’d like to see exactly how I did it, click the video below. As time goes on I’ll be working on making quick YouTube uploads. Hopefully, the more I do it, the better quality will become! Everything is a learning process! Much love, folks!

2 thoughts on “Making a Festive Fall-Inspired Broom with Broom Corn

  1. AWESOME!!! And how ever did you get the dragonfly at the top of your page to sit still with wings open long enough to get a pic?? we have them all over here for most of the year – but every time I get a camera on one it moves? We did broom corn in about 2002 – had lots of fun with the Indian corn also – what a fun craft!!! Your broom looks better than ours did . 🙂

    1. LOL! I’m sure I looked silly when I took that picture. I took it with my phone, so I was standing there over it for like three minutes trying to take one that was in focus! Thanks for checking it out! I was hoping to make some more decorations with it, but the tiny broom used the entire package that I planted! At least I know to use more next year!

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