Sunshine and Bitter Days

Hi Lovelies,

There’s beauty in everything – in bare stems and in moldy leaves – it’s just, sometimes you’ve just got to look a littler closer to find it. When it’s over, the cycle begins again and we rejoice at the promise of the future and something new. I knew that it was coming – but I still wasn’t ready. The frost: it’s the end, but also the beginning – of the future, and an infinite number of things which could be. Here are some captures of the mess. If you stop to look beyond the surface, you can always find something beautiful. Much love, folks.

IMG_20151019_200210 IMG_20151019_192039 IMG_20151019_200440 IMG_20151019_200603 IMG_20151019_200708 IMG_20151019_200753 IMG_20151019_200834 IMG_20151019_200922 IMG_20151019_201034 IMG_20151019_201106 IMG_20151019_201149

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