When you’ve got way too much going on…

Hi Lovelies,

Over half of the ranunculus and anemones were planted out into the hoophouse today. Look at those roots! Yes!

So this blog post is going to start off with an apology. I was fully prepared to rock this post. I had two general ideas – collecting zinnia seeds or a brief review of my ordering experiences this past year. Well, I accidentally deleted the pictures I took for the zinnia post, so that has to wait at least until the weekend. I’m still torn on whether or not I’ll review my experiences with online ordering this year. Mainly, I hate writing negative reviews. Everyone has bad days, but I’ve really run into some questionable customer service lately. If you’d like to hear about it, feel free to comment.

For whatever reason, these holes don’t bother me at all. But seriously, lotus pods and beehives make me feel way jittery and anxious. You’d think that evolution would have done something about that by now.

I’ve been working like nobody’s business on building an Instagram following. One thing that I do is ‘like’ photos and comment as much as possible. However, I ran into a major issue today – lotus pods. Now, you may be thinking, “so what?”. Well friends, I have a rather weird fear of holes. I know it sounds weird, but I googled it once, and it’s a real thing that some people deal with. Things that are machine made don’t bother me, but anything in nature does. Something about lotus pods bring on a feeling of anxiety that I can’t describe. Directly after turning off my phone, I changed the TV channel, only to see an insane close-up of a beehive while the host explained how they harvest honey. At that point, I knew I wasn’t going to accomplish much tonight.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in full swing tomorrow and really be able to write some great content for the rest of Blog-tober! Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “When you’ve got way too much going on…

  1. What happened with customer service lately? I love your posts. Sorry about the holes?! That’s an unexpected trigger for anxiety but maybe it’s just because you want to fill them with flowers and beautiful things that you grow!

    1. I’m on day 14 waiting for a tulip order to be shipped. Not to mention, I ran into a sassy sales rep last time I ordered seed. Also, lol – flowers everywhere!!

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