Hardy Annual Seedling Update



Hi Lovelies,

Today I thought I would share some photos of the hardy annuals that are currently in the garden. Whenever I grow something new, one of the first things that I do when I see sprouts in my garden beds is “google” whether or not the plant that’s growing is in fact what I planted or if it’s a random lawn weed. I’d be lying if I said that I had a stellar record when it comes to pulling weeds, but I still like to know the difference!  These seeds were all planted on September 20th. Feel free to comment below! Much love!

Scabiosa looking mighty fine!
Shirley poppies, as you can see – I also do a terrible job at thinning!
These are nigella (love-in-a-mist). They look a lot like larkspur at this point, but you’ll notice more of a difference once they get bigger.
Agrostemma (corncockle) with weeds all over the place.
Ranunculus, looking pretty without a weed to be found. Lol!
Anemones have loved this wet fall weather, already so big!
I honestly don’t know what these are – we’ll find out in time. The only reason I know they aren’t weeds is because I clumsily sowed them in a huge grouping.
A huge mass of laceflower, so cute.
Sweet peas falling all over the place. I’m crossing my fingers for these to make it through the winter.
Ornamental kale, another experiment.
Fragrant mignonette.
Tons of larkspur this season!
Old reliable – aka Bachelor’s Buttons (cornflowers)

10 thoughts on “Hardy Annual Seedling Update

  1. Love a mystery. I was sorting through pots and cleaning up in general at one stage. Found bulbs in one pot nearly overrun in the grass. Labelled mystery bulbs. We wait now to see what they are.
    I’ve only got cornflowers sown so far. Kept meaning to sow sweetpeas. I reckon I still have time as it’s unseasonably mild here at the minute.

    1. Hi Laurie! Ugh, bittercress. I never knew the name of it. I’ve never disliked something so much in my entire life! Last year, I actually found myself “deadheading” it to try to keep it from exploding seeds all over the place, lol. Have you found an organic way to get it out of your life forever? I tried a corn-based pre-emergent this year, but as you can see, that was a total failure.

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