November Garden Update

Hi Lovelies,

Long time, no see. Well, the leaves have completely fallen here. This means that with the exception of the plants in the hoophouse, the hardy annuals are completely covered beneath a nice layer. While some folks like to rake and rake, I don’t, so I just let them be. That’s the great thing about nature: it’s nature. I think sometimes we get a little too caught up in trying to control things. Unlike windstorms and flooding, this is something that the good ole’ mum does that’s helpful and awesome. Plus, she has a lot more experience at building great soil than I do.

I thought I would quickly share some photos of how things are progressing below, I hope you enjoy! I’ve began brainstorming ideas for both posts and videos in the future, and have managed to come up with quite a few that I think would be interesting. I’m going to continue logging and making notes about everything I grow here, as well as many new things. The aim for next season is at least two posts/uploads a week, with a few more happening on occasion. I guess the big question I have is, Β what do you want to see? Please let me know in the comments – even if it’s something new to me, I’m always happy to share my experience (even if I fail, lol).

Trying to overwinter ornamental kale this year for harvest in early spring. So far so good. Nights have dipped to 26F, both kale and sweet peas are alive and kicking! This will be an assume asset for spring flowers if they are hardy enough.
Ranunculus are nice and bushy. Since I left the hoophouse uncovered for a longer amount of time this season, the plants are less leggy. I still haven’t needed a frost blanket this season.
Anemones are also looking extremely healthy this year. The sprouting success rate this season was wonderful. Anemones planted outside of the polytunnel are also going strong despite the dip into the 20s – that’s a great sign!
You’d be surprised by just how much in can fit into a small 10’x12′ space. I love it!


An awesome one-woman flower farm, cultivated by the love of all things pretty.


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