The First Anemone of the Season

Hi Lovelies,

Not much to report – hence, my absence. However, this ridiculously warm weather (so far) this winter has helped for one thing! The first anemone of the season has officially bloomed, and it’s a beauty! The variety is literally called ‘Black-eyed beauty’, in fact. If we take a look back, it wasn’t until around mid-February of last year that we got our first anemones! Maybe I’m finally getting better at this, lol! Hope you’re having a great day!



5 thoughts on “The First Anemone of the Season

  1. I love anemones–both their appearance and the sound of their name, which does something playful in the mouth when you pronounce it!!! Akin to onomatopoeia, but anemone feels even better. Beautiful photo. Now i am going to have to plant some if I can find them in Mexico!!!

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