Because I’ll be a “Cat Lady” in like, 3 years.

Hi Lovelies,

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to stop thinking about plants. Seriously, there are so many great wintertime activities for you to enjoy. One of my all time favorites is browsing through seed catalogs. Have you gotten any seed catalogs yet? Last year I received something like 20 different offerings through the post. This year, I’ve gotten one. I’m beginning to become suspicious. I already know my mailman dislikes anything that requires extra effort. On numerous occasions as he’s passed I’ve heard, “Packages, packages, packages, all they do is get packages.” He also dislikes eating chicken too often. I don’t know this because I’m a busy-body. I know because he seems to think you have to yell into a bluetooth to make it work. “Chicken, chicken, chicken, all we eat is **** chicken.” Lol. #truelife.

catplanter 014

Okay, time to focus. Aside from the conspiracy theory regarding my mailman’s goal of making my garden suck, I’ve had some major down time to relax – which is definitely a nice change of pace. This week I’ll probably start forcing some paperwhites. The main issue – I don’t have anything to grow them in! So, with that in mind, I went to Pinterest and came up with something pretty cute.

catplanter 006

I’m calling these “Cutie-Cats”. Let’s just be totally real for a second – I have no artistic ability whatsoever, and I think these are absolutely stinking adorable. Honestly, I wasn’t even patient enough to let the paint dry between moving on to the next steps. If you’re the crafty type, yours will probably come out looking awesome.

catplanter 012

The materials are cheap, and you might already have them: a soda bottle, paint, brushes, and scissors. I used a few buttons on the cheeks for a little added flair. The original pin that I found for this idea is in Spanish (and some English), but I’m really bad at following instructions. You can click the original HERE.

Instead of spray paint, I opted for acrylic for a couple reasons – it’s cold out and my house isn’t well-ventilated (spray paint is too strong for me), this will be used indoors and for bulb forcing so the outside of the planter won’t be getting overly wet, and (mainly) I didn’t have any white spray paint. This would be absolutely great for kids, however, one issue may be that kid-safe paints would easily wear and wash off if you were to use it as a planter outside. Permanent markers would also quickly wear off in the sun, so one would definitely need to explore their options.

catplanter 018

I believe that the original pin called for painting the inside of the bottle for a smoother finish. I don’t think I’d do that, especially if I was going to grow something edible in the pot, like herbs. I painted the outside and found that my paint left streaks – but seriously, why would I even worry about that? It’s supposed to be a cat. Cats are furry. At this point, I’m just lucky that my real cat hasn’t managed to shed all over it.

Special precautions for this project: Don’t eat any paint, make sure you have professional scissor user on hand to assist/supervise, too much soda is bad for your teeth.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Have you ever tried something like this? How did you do it?

As always, you can watch the process happen on YouTube! Don’t forget to subscribe for more fun! Recipes and more crafty crafts to come! Have a great day, much love!



6 thoughts on “Because I’ll be a “Cat Lady” in like, 3 years.

      1. We have not gotten winter yet in east Tennessee so the other day I dug up my few Tulips & Daffodils & placed in a box in the drawer of the ice box for 45 days to make them think it was winter.
        Is that what You mean by ‘forcing’ ?

  1. Don’t ignore winter indoor container “gardens”. Spices, for your kitchen, and tropical “indoor” plants are what you can encourage and attend to during the northern hemisphere winter months.

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