Southern Spicy Chicken Spaghetti

Hi Lovelies,

So it’s time that I just face the music, I’ m a terrible cook. It’s not that I burn things, I’m just not good at following directions. Looking back, it doesn’t even really make sense. I was always the kid who did what the teacher wanted them to do and was all about following the rules. Part of me wants to blame my poor reading comprehension that started way back in first grade, but the more realistic part of me knows that perhaps a lack of experience is the biggest contributor.

Either way, this winter, one of my resolutions is to channel my inner domestic goddess. And what’s this? How lucky for you! I’m taking you along for the ride. Did you really think I wouldn’t share!? While I can’t physically share the food I make, I will be sharing the recipes (as well as where I found them!).

My first attempt from Pinterest was Southern Spicy Chicken Spaghetti! You can find the original link here. The recipe was extremely easy and quite tasty, despite my general dislike for spicy things. By the end of the night, people had gone back for more and the pans were empty. I’ll call this one a success!

Project precautions: Make sure you know how to use an oven. Don’t undercook your chicken – that’s always bad news. Don’t make it too spicy, seriously. Always keep someone near by who knows the Heimlich maneuver. Don’t let your guest smuggle the leftovers out in their purse.
southernspicychicken 001 southernspicychicken 002 southernspicychicken 005 southernspicychicken 008 southernspicychicken 009 southernspicychicken 012 southernspicychicken 013

Is there a dish that you’d like to see me try? Remember, I’m not very good at this! Lol. Anyhow, as always, you can watch the video below and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more of my random projects, and of course, FLOWERS! Hope you’re having a great day, much love!



5 thoughts on “Southern Spicy Chicken Spaghetti

  1. I think not following recipes is your little personal revolt against obeying the rules. I was a goody two shoes, too. We all need an outlet for our inner rebel. 🙂

  2. When I make something for the first time I follow the recipe, just so I have some idea of what it is supposed to taste like. After that, all bets are off.

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