February 2016: Week One Update

Hi Lovelies,

feb.wk1.update 055
Hello Mr. Hyacinth! Looking mighty fine!

First and foremost, let me apologize to everyone who left a comment on the last post and I didn’t get a chance to respond. I’ve been having major technical difficulties over here, which I have hopefully resolved.

feb.wk1.update 035
Anemones and ranunculus and also, some weeds. Oh well.

Now that I’ve done a lot of winter sowing, I feel like the season has started – and I’m extremely excited about it. This winter has been a lot sunnier than normal, and I can only hope that the trend continues. My goal at the moment is to write an update at least once a week – but we’ll see how that goes. Honestly, I’m not even sure if anyone actually reads this things. Oh well, worst case scenario is that I’ve got some pretty good notes to look back on in the future.

feb.wk1.update 056

Today, we’ll take a look at a few things that are growing in the garden. Have you noticed that I still call it a “garden” even though I’m actively working to make it into a larger scale thing.

First, we’ll take a look at the anemones – mainly because they’re gorgeous and currently my favorite thing. If you don’t remember, I planted the corms back in the first week of October and planted them into the hoophouse for overwintering.

feb.wk1.update 030
Black eyed beauty anemones. It’s out of focus, but I’m just going to pretend like that was an artistic choice.

Next we’ll take a peek at the winter sowing containers that are already growing. The first round of winter sowing was started outside on January 16th. Within a few weeks, things are “magically” growing. This basically makes me want to happy-dance in the middle of the street. I’ve tried to grow many of these things before and completely failed at it, so the fact that I can just stick some seeds in a milk jug and then they grow – it makes me so excited. Maybe I do have a green thumb after all? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

feb.wk1.update 028
I think this one is ‘Mr. Fokker’ Anemone.

Here’s what’s “come up” so far. To be oddly specific, by “come up” I mean that tap roots have emerged from the seed coat. Some of these don’t have their cotyledons opened just yet – but it’s on the way!

feb.wk1.update 020
I honestly don’t know which type this is. Maybe one of the red ones? It’s so hard to get these to show up on camera as their “true color”

January 31st: Quinoa emerges

feb.wk1.update 009

February 1st: Signs of Stock, Lupine, Poppy, and Sweet Annie

feb.wk1.update 008
feb.wk1.update 012
Sweet Annie
feb.wk1.update 011


February 2nd: First Tricolor Salvia and Monstrosum Strawflower

feb.wk1.update 013
Tricolor Salvia
feb.wk1.update 010
I got a note in the mail about this package of strawflower being “infested with insects”. I emailed for more info and found out that it was possible that the germination could be impact. This definitely didn’t seem to be a problem fortunately.

February 3rd: Sunset Statice and Cherry Phlox

February 4th: Snapdragons

February 5th: Dusty Miller

feb.wk1.update 024
Ugh! I just love the look of these ‘Bordeaux’. The petals are like velvet!

As you can see, there’s quite a bit happening here on the daily! I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as things start happening! As always, feel free to leave any comments below! I’d love to hear from you!! You can also watch the YouTube update if you want to see more pretty flowers!



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