Garden Planning (The Abridged Version)

Hi Lovelies,

I’m so in the mood to plant things! In fact, resisting the urge to plant everything is really difficult. You might think I’m obsessed – I actually probably am. Any how, I wanted to quickly share this video from YouTube here for a couple reasons:

  1. There’s a lot going on and I’m honestly not quite sure if I’ll be able to explain the things I want to explain well. I’m going off like 30 minutes of sleep right now and I’m not sure how coherent a post would be.
  2. When the “seed germination planting season or whatever” is over and I know how successful I was, I’m going to write a post outlining every single variety and I planted, when I planted it, and whether or not it was successful. There aren’t enough clear lists on the internet of successes and failures in the garden. I just want to go somewhere online and see a timeline – “I live in ____. I planted ____ on ____ 2016. It germinated on _____ 2016. I stuck it in the ground in the garden on _____ 2016.” I’m really going to try to make that happen.

The video below is really basic, but it might help – especially if you’re a little new to trying new things. Heck, even I’m trying new things (as always, lol). I learn something new everyday, and I’m totally thankful for that. Anywho, the objective of the video was to describe the “categories” that I put my seeds into when I start thinking about garden planning and what needs to be started when.

If you do watch, let me know in the comments if it was helpful. I’m so tired I’m really doubting myself. If you don’t feel like watching a video of me rambling about seeds, no worries – I totally understand. I’d still love it if you left a comment 🙂 Feel free to talk about whatever, is anything blooming where you live yet?

6 thoughts on “Garden Planning (The Abridged Version)

  1. I have started to plant some of my seeds. The last few days have been in the 90s but very dry, probably around 15 percent. I know we will have a few more cool weeks at some point but it is about time to start planting here.

  2. A few comments.

    First, I agree, there is not much consistent temporal data and details on success and achievements in gardening or agriculture available online. I actually keep rather detailed record of my own endeavors (everything from rain fall, growth patterns, harvest, etc, etc etc), but I do not publish them. They are there to help me for next year. Sharing is another level.

    Second, as someone who spent more than a little amount of professional time in training and education let me say a few (I hope considered more as constructive than critical) comments about the video.

    First of off, first consider what was the point of the video? That is, what were your trying to tell me and what was your intent? This was not entirely clear to me. It did seem to “ramble” a bit.

    I suggest for each video to first plan and write down what you want to say and convey to the audience. Keep that point very narrow and within a narrow time period. For example, what I should plant even next month is maybe too much out of topic for a short video.

    And consider what your viewer may “walk away with” form your video. This is what I “walked away” with from the video:

    1) Way too fast. Speak slower. 🙂 This is the hardest part of being a teacher or trainer. What you hear in your head as a reasonable speed is often way too fast for the student. If you sound to yourself as “way too slow” it is actually probably about right for the listener.

    2) Too much information, in too short a time.You lost me after the first 30 seconds. Consider the viewer of your video knows “zero” about flowers. For example: Each packet/group of seeds you reviewed. Wow, it would be great to see you plant them in the time frames you described and then shown how they grew over time (yes, that would take a lot longer (months) and a lot of video editing, but that would really have “meant” something to me that I could use for myself.

    I really like your blog. You do great things. So I hope this little “critique” is taken for its intent: to suggest positive course corrections to make it even better.

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