February Week 4 Update – Germination Celebration, lol.

Hi Lovelies,

The week 4 update is a little early, but I probably won’t have internet access for the next few days – so I wanted to get these posted now! All of the seedlings below have been planted using the winter sowing method in milk jugs. Let me know if you’ve got any questions, much love!

febwk4update 015
RANUNCULUS! Buds are forming everywhere! I’m so excited!
febwk4update 016
I literally just threw the wheat seeds on top of some soil – we’ll see how it goes. Lazy gardener is back in the house, obviously.
febwk4update 017
I’m not very good at only putting one seed per cell, either. This is candytuft. Listen, some people are perfectionists and some people aren’t. Who wants to guess which one I am? Lol.
febwk4update 018
Scabiosa, yay!
febwk4update 020
The Kale is on its way!
febwk4update 021
Scented Stocks looking strong and getting their first true leaves! Hooray!
febwk4update 022
Sweet Annie with some true leaves!
febwk4update 023
Strawflower getting true leaves! Yaaasss!!!
febwk4update 024
Welcome to the party, Godetia!
febwk4update 025
The wind has totally whipped the Quinoa around a little too much, but they’re doing pretty well nonetheless.
febwk4update 026
Potomac Snapdragon Mix getting bigger.
febwk4update 027
New Caramel Cherry Phlox adapting to life with the lid off their container.
febwk4update 028
A couple big ole’ Cerinthe.
febwk4update 029
Tricolor Salvia with their true leaves! So excited!
febwk4update 030
Generic Tall Snapdragons getting bigger.
febwk4update 031
Rudbeckia Triloba finally making an appearance.
febwk4update 032
Dusty Miller is popping up, too!
febwk4update 033
I received a free package of poppies, so I sowed those too – and here they are!
febwk4update 034
Parrot tulips have started to pop up. Watching things grow make me so happy.
febwk4update 035
Daffodils and Dutch Iris
febwk4update 036
The first daffodil bloom is forming! Squeal!
febwk4update 042
Pre-soaking the sweet pea seeds tonight and planting them in the morning! Let’s get this party started!

6 thoughts on “February Week 4 Update – Germination Celebration, lol.

  1. Wow, everything is looking great! So I’m in zone 6a New England. I was wondering, do you plant these in milk jugs and keep them outside or are these containers inside? Hoping to sow seeds next week when I get back from vacation 🙂

    1. Outside. I plant the containers and then put them outside and let nature takeover. I’m pretty certain I made a post about container prep a few weeks back. If not, there’s definitely a video for it on my you tube channel. I make sure to do flowers that are cold tolerant first, like poppies larkspur etc. I wait longer for tender annuals like zinnias. Perennials are also perfect for sowing this way. My containers have been exposed to cold and even been covered in snow a few times and are doing awesome 🙂 I’m in zone 6b. Hope I was able to help! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you!! I don’t drink much milk and didn’t have the containers, what else could be used? I bought the Buffy boots, very nice

    1. I’m seriously excited for a new season! I’ve had enough winter 🙂 there’s tons of containers you can use. It’s almost embarrassing – my yard looks like someone threw garbage everywhere! I’m using milk jugs, soda bottles, takeout containers, those aluminum cake pans with the clear lids, juice jugs, strawberry containers. I’ve even seen people online use zip lock bags, but that seems like it could be a pain to move around. Anything that’s clear and that you can add drainage to and an opening for ventilation at the top. It may not be a pretty sight now, but starting seeds this way has been so much easier for me. Especially since I don’t have a place to start seeds. My boots have definitely gotten a good breaking in! They survived their first basement flood the other day when we got all that rain! Lol! Nice hearing from you! Hope you’re having a great day!

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