March Week 2 -Pictures!

Hi Lovelies,

Let’s talk plants!


marchwk2blogpics 001
Look at the color of this anemone! I’ve never seen a variety that looks like this. Perhaps there’s some variation in one of the varieties that I did plant? My best guess is that this bloom came from the variety “Black Eyed Beauty” or possibly another kind. I guess we can thank genetics for random variations? I’m interested to see whether or not other blooms from this same plant also look like this or if the other blooms will show as true to the variety planted. Regardless, I’m not mad about getting this random beauty, even if it wasn’t planned. It’s adorable. I hope that made sense.
marchwk2blogpics 002
The hyacinths seem to have started to bloom overnight. Just yesterday, they were sitting in a big puddle of water. I’m really glad that it drained away before it did too much damage.
marchwk2blogpics 009
Aw, I love daffodils.
marchwk2blogpics 012
A blurry picture of the wheat that finally germinated.
marchwk2blogpics 013
Baby’s Breath and Candytuft have both started to germinate. No milk jugs or winter sowing here – I just put the tray out in the yard and hoped for the best. Glad to see that they’re growing.
marchwk2blogpics 016
Lavatera is up. Now, I’m waiting patiently for the feverfew.
marchwk2blogpics 017
The hardy annuals are starting to get taller. Here are some larkspur surrounded by weeds.
marchwk2blogpics 019
Even the shirley poppies have put on quite a bit of size. Hopefully, I’ll have bigger blooms this year!
marchwk2blogpics 023
I can’t use these scilla in arrangements, but they sure are cute.
marchwk2blogpics 024
The parsley is getting it’s first true leaves.
marchwk2blogpics 025
Looks like the parrot tulips are thinking about doing something soon.
marchwk2blogpics 026
You’ve got to look really closely, but the flowering tobacco is in there somewhere!
marchwk2blogpics 028
The statice don’t seem to like winter sowing at all. However, I’ve never been successful with statice before so, it’s progress – at least.
marchwk2blogpics 033
That’s right. Today’s the 14th. Looks like Godetia really likes this weather.
marchwk2blogpics 037
The container sweet peas are about ready to plant in the ground. Just waiting for the dirt to dry out now.
marchwk2blogpics 040
Looks like this bee found the perfect place to sleep for the night. 🙂
marchwk2blogpics 047
Is it just me, or did the snapdragons suddenly get huge?
marchwk2blogpics 052
Remember when I used the auger to plant some sweet peas? Here’s one!
marchwk2blogpics 053
Chantilly Snapdragons – why did I buy so many snapdragons?
marchwk2blogpics 058
I’ve even started to plant in little water bottles. Is there such a thing as too much winter sowing?

marchwk2blogpics 006 marchwk2blogpics 038 marchwk2blogpics 055 marchwk2blogpics 060



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