Growing ‘Charming Beauty’ Tulips

Hi Lovelies,

Just wanted to share some pictures of a new variety of tulip I tried this year, and quickly give some of my thoughts! Hope that you enjoy!

picking_tulips 017
It almost seems to “glow” on bright, sunny days.
picking_tulips 057
Here’s a closer look at the coloring!
picking_tulips 058
One reason I like ‘Charming Beauty’ is because the colors work quite nicely with the apricot and salmon parrot tulips. I think this fact alone is enough to make me want to grow this one again next year.
picking_tulips 065
It’s hard to describe the color of the markings within the flower, but I think the overall “look” is gorgeous.
picking_tulips 066
In some of the flowers, it seems that more color appears as it ages.
picking_tulips 067
This flower that’s about to start opening is striped with green. 
picking_tulips 068
Every ‘Charming Beauty’ bulb that I planted resulted in stems with multiple flower heads. While I wonder if weather was a factor, the consistency makes me think that this is just a trait present in this type of tulip? Have you have this experience before? Let me know in the comments!
seasonalarrage 022
Short stems were an issue this year. However, this variety had the shortest stems of all the varieties I planted.

picking_tulips 069 picking_tulips 070 picking_tulips 072 picking_tulips 073 picking_tulips 076 picking_tulips 088

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