Growing Parrot Tulips

Hi Lovelies,

Just thought I would quickly share my experiences growing parrot tulips for the first time this year. Parrot tulips are just as easy to grow as the “normal” tulips that you see growing in people’s front yards, but they definitely look quite unique. Β This year I planted two different types – salmon and apricot, however, I’ll admit that I’m not sure which is which since I mixed the two bags together. Β For whatever reason, parrot tulips seem to get varied reviews – some people love them and some people hate them. Here are some photos from around the garden. Hope you’re having an amazing day!

picking_tulips 045 picking_tulips 046 picking_tulips 047 picking_tulips 048 picking_tulips 049 picking_tulips 050 picking_tulips 051 picking_tulips 052 picking_tulips 053 picking_tulips 054 picking_tulips 056 picking_tulips 060 picking_tulips 062 picking_tulips 064 picking_tulips 074 picking_tulips 075 picking_tulips 078 picking_tulips 079 picking_tulips 088



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