How to Grow Agrostemma (Corn Cockle) in Zone 6/7

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I’m testing out a new format to make these posts shorter. Feel free to stop by YouTube for the video that goes with this post. As always, this information is solely based on results in my own garden and will differ depending on conditions and where you live.

NAME: Agrostemma githago (agrostemma, corn cockle)

TOXIC: YES. Always do your research and be responsible any time you add something new to the garden. Be aware of what you’re growing around kids, pets, and everyone you love. Use common sense, always wear gloves, wash hands, don’t touch your eyes, etc.

HOW: Easy to direct sow. Easy to germinate using the winter sowing method.

WHEN: In my garden, the best results come from seeds that were direct sown in fall (at the end of September). The seeds germinate and seedlings survive the winter. Some seedlings are lost during the winter, and will vary depending upon how cold your winter is. My seedlings survived a few nights down to 8F, with some damage – but were able to recover. They were also briefly covered in snow.  Overwintering results will definitely vary from garden to garden.

Seeds can also be direct sown as soon as soil can be worked in the spring. Succession plantings allow for a longer bloom time, but the flowers seem to fizzle out once the temperatures get too hot.

agro.batch 006
I think they look so pretty in a big group.
agro.batch 011
A closer look at the purple ones.
agro.batch 012
I planted the variety called ‘Milas Mix’.mothers_day 027

agro.batch 052 agro.batch 053 agro.batch 054 purple bouquet 012

4 thoughts on “How to Grow Agrostemma (Corn Cockle) in Zone 6/7

    1. It just depends on the weather it seems. Ive had them start blooming as late as July, and as early as May 1st when I planted them in the hoophouse. The blooms usually last about two weeks with some branching. However, they definitely can start looking rough if its been especially rainy. Hope that helps! 🙂

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