How to Grow Annual Bachelor’s Buttons (Cornflower) in Zone 6/7

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I’m back with some more growing notes! As always please leave your experiences in the comments below! Every garden is different, therefore, every gardener will have a different experience. The best thing that we can do is try to learn from each other! I love to hear about your gardens! Today, we’ll take a look at Bachelor’s Buttons!

NAME: Bachelor’s Buttons, also known as Cornflower

Always do your research and be responsible any time you add something new to the garden. Be aware of what you’re growing around kids, pets, and everyone you love. Use common sense, always wear gloves, wash hands, don’t touch your eyes, etc.

HOW: Easy to direct sow. Easy to germinate using the winter sowing method.

WHEN: In my garden, the best results come from seeds that were direct sown in fall (at the end of September). The seeds germinate and seedlings survive the winter. Some seedlings are lost during the winter, and will vary depending upon how cold and harsh your winter is. My seedlings survived a few nights down to 8F, with some damage – but were able to recover. They were also briefly covered in snow.  Overwintering results will definitely vary from garden to garden.

Seeds can also be direct sown as soon as soil can be worked in the spring. Succession plantings allow for a longer bloom time, but the flowers seem to fizzle out once the temperatures get too hot. In my garden, the plants from direct sowing in spring are noticeably smaller than those direct sown in the fall.

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