June Week 1 Update – Ornamental Cut Flower Gardening

Hi Lovelies,

It’s time for another photo update! Hope you enjoy!

moreflowers 010
My scented geraniums haven’t grown very much, but they’re blooming!
more 004
Laceflower are beginning to bloom, too!
more 008
I think hydrangea are so lovely!
more 023
The hardy annuals are starting to look very messy.
more 024
The first time that I’ve successfully grown hollyhocks!
more 037
Lilies are starting to bloom, as well.
mixture of blooms 029
‘Delft Blue’ love-in-a-mist is quite a unique looking flower!
whatever2 023
Hanging some larkspur to dry for wreath-making this fall.
whatever2 033
Saving some agrostemma seeds for next year’s cut flower garden.
hollyhock 029
Hollyhock and calla lily flower arrangement!
more 015
A closer look at the hollyhocks!
more 116
A new stray has somehow found his/her way to the garden.


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