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Right in the middle of hanging these, it started thunder storming! At least I know that the planters were able to withstand some moderately strong wind and rain!

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with another review! Before we get onto the post, let’s get a few notes out of the way. I was recently in contact with the lovely folks at Cactus Canyon Ceramics and asked if I’d like to check out some of their Spanish wall hanging planters.  Of course, I said “yes”, because let’s just be honest – I’m completely obsessed with all things garden and plants! For the sake of total transparency – YES, I received these planters from the company at no cost. However, I have NOT been paid by the company in any way, and the opinions expressed here are solely my own. As always, I only accept opportunities that I think garden lovers may genuinely be interested in.

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Over the past few months, I’ve been working to make the garden feel a little more comfortable. I’ve added quite a bit of things, including hummingbird feeders and a bird bath.  However, I was still missing some key components – planters being one of them. Since I’m obviously pressed for garden space, adding containers was something I wasn’t so sure about. As it turns out, these hanging planters were the perfect solution. Going vertical not only saves space, but also creates an extremely welcoming atmosphere.

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In taking a look at the Cactus Canyon website, I was pleased to see that in addition to wall hanging planters, there are several other unique hand painted offerings. All the products are made in Spain, however, are shipped from Oregon. I’ll admit, this was one of my initial concerns, as I know from experience, international shipping can be both expensive and slow.

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As always, let’s go ahead and take a look at the things that I found to be positive about these wall hanging planters:

  • Well packaged – The planters were wrapped very well. I imagine that something would need to go seriously wrong during shipping for the product to be damaged or broken. I always worry about ordering fragile items online, so I appreciate the extra packaging steps that have been taken.
  • Reasonable pricing – The price of these planters is very reasonable considering that each one has been hand painted, hand thrown, and imported from Spain.
  • Fast Shipping. In addition to craftsmanship, items ship from an Oregon warehouse. Each package is shipped USPS with a tracking number. My package arrived very quickly, within 2-3 days.
  • Beautiful designs – Much of the allure of these wall hanging planters comes from the unique patterns and designs that are offered.  I can definitely see myself ordering from this website in the future, especially in the form of kitchenware. Additionally,  options vary depending upon what you order. For example, some are made using bisque clay; while others are made from terracotta. Additionally, there are also options in terms of glaze that’s used.
  • Heavy/Durable – These definitely appear to be very durable. The terracotta planters are surprisingly heavy, and I can definitely see that they will last quite a few seasons. Since they are so heavy, I don’t imagine that I’ll have any problems with them falling from their hanging place.
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Spanish wall orza. This design is called ‘Spanish Honey’. I love the granulated finish! Each orza is hand thrown by Spanish potters. This orza is approximately 11″ long.
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The design of this tinaja is called “Sunflower”. Unlike the orza, which was made from terracotta – this is made from bisque clay. This tinaja is approximately 7″ long.
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This is the Spanish wall pot. This design is called Spanish Oro (Spanish Gold). The surface of this one granulated, like that of the orza. This one is also made of terracotta, and feels extremely sturdy.

Now, onto the negative points:

  • Hanging – Pretty much the only major negative point for me was the difficulty I had hanging the pots. While the hanging holes in the back are sufficient, it did take a little bit of looking to find some hooks that would work just right. I could have easily used a strong nail, but admittedly, I was looking for something that would have a little more polished look. Since the size of the holes were different in each pot, I was able to make the hooks work – but in one case I had to use a power grinder to make my hook just a little bit smaller.
  • More info – I personally think it would be nice to have additional information about the painting of these pots. For example, customers may wonder why one type of planter has been painted “more completely” than another. In the instance of the orza, the inside terracotta is not painted or glazed. The interiors of the flower pot and tinaja also differ from each other.  Obviously, the inside of pots aren’t something that’s noticeable, especially once planted with beautiful flowers –  but it would be interesting to know why each are treated differently.

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That’s about it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you are interested in checking out Cactus Canyon. You can find all of the link below! Hope you’re having a really wonderful day!

Cactus Canyon Website

Cactus Canyon Ceramics Facebook

Cactus Canyon Blog

Cactus Canyon Pinterest

Twitter: @cactus_canyon

Instagram: @cactuscanyonceramics

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The blues and yellows in this tinaja are so vibrant and beautiful! It will be interesting to see how they hold up in the hot sun!
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A closer look.
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A closer look at the Spanish hanging wall pot.
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A closer look at the orza.
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I think these would also work well as planters for succulents or vine plants!
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The small hanging pot also made a very cute hanging vase for my flower arrangements. All I did was slip my vase into the pot and hang it on the front door. If you do this though, be extremely careful! These pots are very heavy and I would be so upset if someone were to slam the door and accidentally break it, or worse, have it drop on their foot! Lol!
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Love it!

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