It’s Time to Plant Lettuce, Technically.

So, technically, today was the day that I had planned to plant my lettuce. In fact, there’s a rather large list of leafy green veggies that are cold tolerant and can be planted early in the spring – before the weather really has the chance to warm up too much. However, something tells me I’m just going to have to wait until the snow melts! I definitely can’t remember ever having this much snow so late in the season. Check out some of the “spring” scenes below!

I planted a rather large lot of seed potatoes this week under this pile of snow. I’m sure they’ll be fine. At least, I hope they’ll be fine. I didn’t anticipate another 4 inches of snow.
The winter sowing containers here are covered with row cover and a layer of plastic. The reason for this is because I have both tomatoes and peppers under here! If it were only cold tolerant plants, I wouldn’t bother to cover them. Since there are tender annuals in there, I absolutely have to cover it. I hope I explained that well enough…
The alpine strawberries that I grew from seed last year don’t seem to mind the cold at all. 
The shell peas that I planted don’t mind the cold at all. I planted these really close to the foundation of my house so the snow melted really quickly.
Spinach seedlings!
The mulberry trees look rather lovely covered in snow.

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