The First Day of Spring & The Difference a Day Makes

Nothing quite says, “Hey! Awesome, it’s finally spring!!” like a snow storm. I know, I know. It always feels like I’m complaining about the weather on this blog. However, late March snow storms aren’t a thing that usually happen here. Just yesterday, the sun was shining and the flowers were beautiful. Today, I’m bundled in an electric blanket hoping that my winter sowing containers will survive the storm. I thought I’d take the opportunity to go outside and take some photos. Hope you enjoy!

‘Mr. Fokker’ Anemones finally starting to produce lovely blooms.
I love the way the sun shines through my little daffodil patch.
I planted a really cheap “bargain bag” of daffodils about three years ago. Definitely worth it.
She loves warm days in the garden.


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