Buy My Soap! (Pretty Please?)

Okay, so I’m fairly certain that I’ve mentioned it here before – but I love making soap. Soaping was definitely one of those hobbies I adopted a few years back when I was going through my “homesteading” phase. I call it a “phase” because, well, I’m still here living in the middle of the city. Which brings me to the point of this post –


If you follow me on any other social media, you’ll know that I’ve officially launched the “One Million Scrub Club.” Put basically, my goal is to sell one million bars of soap in hopes to buy a farm of my own. Before you get excited, no – I won’t be rolling in cash. In fact, I’ve worked it out to the point where my profit from each bar is only a few pennies.

Selling one million bars of soap feels and sounds like an unreachable goal – but why not go for it? The price of each bar will be $6. Shipping is free, too. So, if you enjoy the blog/videos/whatever, and feel inspired to help support freshcutky – please feel free to grab a bar of soap!

Want to buy my soap!? Click here! –

The first scent for sale is a Jasmine Lime Scrub Bar. It’s fragrance is so beachy and fresh. It’s also made with sea salt and oatmeal, which makes for a really lovely bar!

If you’d like more information, be sure to check out the video below! Thank you so much for your support, and for taking the time to read this! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Buy My Soap! (Pretty Please?)

  1. While you work to buy your farm, have you considered urban CSA (community supported agriculture)? That is, ask people around where you live to turn part of their lawns into a market garden. It can be a share-crop arrangement. Such as they get some produce for letting you use their land, and you take the rest and sell it.

      1. I did not think of that.

        Farmers worrying about their security in their fields is normally only something one associates with traditionally defined war torn regions. 🙁

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