Winter Sowing Results Pt. 2 + Garden Update – Week 2 – April 2018

Finally! We finally had two days – count them, TWO – of beautiful weather. I’ll admit, I was beginning to lose patience and faith in the fact that I would ever be able to finally transplant my snapdragons and lettuce into the garden – but I got it done! Hooray! Just wanted to quickly check in on the progress of my winter sowing containers, as well as show you what’s blooming in the garden. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy, and happy gardening!

Winter sown sweet peas are looking rough. They should have been transplanted last month!
These snapdragon seedlings look so great! I hope they bloom!
Seriously, look how big these seedlings are! Love it!
I was finally able to transplant the lettuce into the yard this week.
Strawflowers – you’ll notice some of my containers started to dry out. Yikes!
It’s either broccoli or cauliflower…
The name tags have washed off most of my containers. I don’t know what this is…
Only two little stock seedlings survived my dried out containers. Bummer.
Radicchio seedlings ready to be planted out into the garden.
These are either celery or celeriac.
I guess I’ll be able to tell the difference once they start growing, hopefully.
Onions and leeks – I can’t tell the difference. I’m thinking that the leeks are a darker green color.
Bupleurum for cut flower arrangements in the cutting garden. Hooray!
Swiss chard seedlings are ready to go into the garden, as well!
Dusty miller is so easy to grow using the winter sowing method! See the little grey leaves?
This year I’m growing seedlings in old shipping boxes. It’s not pretty, but so far – it works.
So many seedlings!
Oregano on the left. I’m not quite sure what’s growing on the right…
These johnny-jump-ups bloomed all winter long under a plastic low tunnel. I think they look adorable among the flowers.
Whoa! These ‘Mr. Fokker’ anemones are a show-stopper in the cutting garden.
I planted my rudbeckia seeds in a pizza box – I’ll let you know how it turns out. Lol!
The chives that I planted last year will be blooming soon. I think chive blossoms are so pretty.
Another picture of the anemones – the blue color!
The chrysanthemum cuttings from King’s Mums came in the mail this week, too!


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  1. This is so exciting to read and follow! So many tiny little plants with so much potential! Thank you for sharing all the photos. Especially the flowers! 😊

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