Chrysanthemum Cuttings in the Mail! Thanks King’s Mums!

One of my favorite things about gardening is ordering various goodies in the mail. Now, it’s not that I just love shopping or anything like that – I simply love when a little package full of flowery potential shows up to my door. In most cases, I’ll make a bulb or plant order while I’m deep in the depths of the cold winter. There’s usually snow on the ground, and I can quickly be swept up in a brightly colored flower daydream.

One of the late purchases that I made this year was from King’s Mums. King’s mums specializes in some of the most beautiful heirloom chrysanthemum cuttings that I’ve personally ever seen. They have a truly amazing (and gorgeous) collection of chrysanthemums that are absolutely perfect for a late-autumn cutting garden. Let’s take a quick look at some of the cuttings that I ordered!As soon as the cuttings arrive, the first thing that I do is pot them up into their own little cup or container. King’s sends specific instructions as to what medium to use, as well. Over the next week or so, I’ll slowly harden these off until they’re able to go outside into the garden.  When the plants are large enough, I’ll also have the option of taking additional cuttings so that I can have even more chrysanthemums growing in the cut flower patch! It’s likely that I’ll begin to take cuttings from these plants as soon as they have adapted to their new growing conditions. 


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