Things Are Blooming, Finally! Cut Flower Patch Update – End of April

Finally, the garden is starting to feel alive. The trees here have finally gotten their leaves, and the anticipation of warm sunny days is making me crazy. Here’s what’s going on with the cut flower patch –

That mystery plant that I mentioned a few posts ago is a cute little patch of forget-me-nots. So tiny!
I love late double tulips. I’m really going to miss these white ones when they’re gone.
These ‘Sylphide’ anemones are almost finished blooming. It won’t be long until the temperatures get much hotter.
A ranunculus! I was almost certain that I had lost all the ranunculus when the garden flooded. What a pleasant surprise!
A close-up of the lunaria (honesty, or money plant) blooms. This is the first time I’ve grown it – so exciting!
I love the siberian wallflower – so fragrant!
Can you see those big ol’ pansies back there?! The blooms are seriously huge!
The last daffodils of the season are now blooming.
My first ever planting of Dame’s Rocket will be blooming soon. Be careful, it’s invasive in some places.
Another photo of the johnny-jump-ups, of course!
It appears that some bug has been eating them.
Close-up of the dame’s rocket before flowering. Siberian wallflower in the background.
Basil seedlings are finally up!
I dumped a packet of wildflower mix into a seed starting box. Looks like I had some really great germination!
I still need to transplant these snapdragons into the garden.
I started some lima beans in a container, too. They need a long season, so I thought I would give it a try!
Soon, I’ll be able to transplant all the winter sowing containers into the garden! Hooray! No more mess!
German Chamomile.
The chive blossoms are so pretty!
The pea patch!
My first ever columbine flower! Woohoo! I hope it blooms!
The roselle seedlings are finally getting some sunlight.
The peanut container is up!
Cleome flower seedlings!
The tomatoes don’t look very good, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine.

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