Garden Update – May Week One – Cut Flowers and Vegetable Garden Patch

I’m finally making progress! The frantic feeling that goes with trying to plant everything out into the garden has started to subside. Things are starting to feel organized again, and more importantly, all of the bottles from the winter sowing are gone. I try to pretend like the mess doesn’t bother me, but after months and months – it drives me a little crazy. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at some of the beautiful things that are growing in the garden this week!

Squeal! The verbascum is blooming! I started the verbascum from seed last year in June, and they’re now starting to flower. I can’t remember the nae of this variety, but the flowers are these really pretty pink and purple colors. I’ve been told that these plants are technically perennials. I’m going to have to transplant these to a different location in the garden and see if they come back next year. Success!

The ‘Sylphide’ anemones are still blooming. The combination of the pink and blue (‘Mr. Fokker’) anemones with the verbascum is so dreamy looking. I think it would be so gorgeous to plant an entire flower bed filled with just these anemones and verbascum. 

I grew a columbine! Woohoo! Growing columbine from seed is another first for me. Here’s my first ever columbine bloom. It hasn’t opened yet, but I was so excited that I needed to show you. This is the ‘McKana Giants’ variety. 

Another close-up of the verbascum.

The ranunculus flowers bloomed really late this year. I’m not quite sure why there was so much of a delay, but I’m glad to see these beautiful blooms!

Dame’s rocket! Another first-time-growing flower for me. 

The peanut seeds have germinated! Soon, I’ll need to find a place to permanently plant them into the garden. I love homegrown peanuts!

The basil seeds have also germinated. I don’t have a designated herb garden this year, so I probably just transplant these little seedlings into the watermelon patch. Basil and watermelon. Surely, that sounds like a good combination for companion planting?

I honestly have no idea what this is. My best guess is that it’s ground cherry. However, it came from a winter sowing container without a label. It might be some type of flower that I’ve never grown before… I guess I’ll just have to wait until it gets bigger to see what it looks like. Remember, safety first! NEVER eat something if you’re not absolutely sure it’s the thing that you planted. 

Why did I sow many celery seeds?!?! I have no clue why I thought I needed to grow so much celery. It doesn’t make any sense. To be fair, these aren’t all celery. Some of them are celeriac – I just don’t know which are which. 

The onion seedlings have been moved into the garden. They look pretty small now, but with a little sunshine (and lots of nitrogen), they’ll (hopefully) grow into some really nice onion bulbs. I don’t remember for certain, but I think I planted two different varieties of onion – ‘Expression’ and ‘Red Amposta’. I also planted leeks. I still need to transplant those into the garden. I’m not sure where I’m going to put them. 

It doesn’t look like very much yet, but I’m hopeful!

Hooray! For whatever reason, I think nasturtium leaves are so cute. Lol!


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