Wednesday Flower Arrangement #1 – Pansies and Wheat Jar Posies

The past few gardening seasons have been a little bit frustrating. I’ve wanted to grow both food and flowers, therefore, I’ve had to scale back in both areas. The last couple seasons, I haven’t even been able to grow enough flowers to provide bouquets for anyone other than myself – and the same is true this year. In fact, bouquet making is definitely one of my many weak points. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love picking flowers and trying to make something pretty. Each Wednesday this season, I’ll be posting a flower arrangement that I made from the cutting garden. Here’s hoping that I’ll be able to keep posting consistently! Thanks so much for reading! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


There aren’t very many flowers blooming the garden right now, but here’s a look at the “ingredients” I”ll be using to put together this cute little jar posy. 

Winter wheat (left) is one of my favorite things to grow for use as filler/foliage for cut flower arrangements. Growing it is incredibly easy, plus I think it adds a really pretty texture to vases. The dame’s rocket (right) is definitely past its prime in terms of when I should have picked it, but I wanted to choose a flower that would add a little bit of height to the arrangement. Dame’s rocket was the only option.

Lastly, I added some bright yellow pansies and violas to the arrangement. Since it has gotten so hot, I’m thinking that both these flowers are nearly done blooming until the weather cools back down in the fall. I love how vibrant and cheerful these flowers look in contrast with the purple dame’s rocket. I love arranging cut flowers!

Check out this rusty folding chair that I use to arrange my flowers on. Hahaha! Do you have a cutting garden specifically used to make your own flower arrangements? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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