‘Lady of Shalott’ David Austin Roses – Growing Cut Flowers

I don’t talk about perennials here on the blog very often. The main reason for that, is that I don’t have many perennials. However, I do have a couple bushes that I rely on for some very nice color throughout the season. 

Today, I wanted to briefly talk about roses. I have three rose bushes. I’ve situated them around the outside of my privacy fence so that the vines can eventually (hopefully) crawl across the top of the fence. However, my vines are a mess. Admittedly, I don’t have the slightest clue how to care for roses – and I’ve never really been motivated to learn, as my bushes are growing in less that ideal conditions. 

Regardless of my neglect, the bushes are blooming – and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Though I planted them all about three years ago, I specifically wanted to show you guys the ‘Lady of Shalott’ David Austin rose. It’s absolutely thriving!

One of the main reasons that I ordered this rose is because the website said that it would be suitable for shade. Due to its fence location, it gets shade most of the day. It was also described as being disease-resistant and a good choice for beginners. 

I usually don’t choose to order orange colors when I plant flowers, but there’s something about this rose that is so pretty. The older blooms are such a lovely, soft color. Newer blooms can sometimes appear, almost, as if they are neon. I love it!

3 thoughts on “‘Lady of Shalott’ David Austin Roses – Growing Cut Flowers

  1. Beautiful Roses. I don’t know anything about roses either, but I to have 3 bushes and I am amazed when they actually come back the next year. Gotta read up on how to take care of them.

    Thanks for the post.

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