June Garden Update – Week 2 – Growing Flowers from Seed + Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Hey, everyone!

It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something here. I’ve noticed that this has quickly turned into a place that I keep my garden notes. Eventually, when things settle down, I’d like to make more posts that mention “how-to” do things and whatnot. The process of collecting the photos for those type of posts throughout the season is time-consuming.

Anyhow, I thought we could take a quick look at what’s going on in the garden – things are growing like crazy! I love it!

I’m starting to think that my cat is really annoyed that I haven’t been pulling the grass out of the garden. It’s not exactly a secret that I hate pulling weeds, but I’ve honestly been working so many hours – I just don’t have the time. Sometimes, I just can’t help it.

The lisianthus have started to bloom, and they are seriously so fluffy and pretty looking.  The light pink color is the ‘Pink Champagne’ and the darker one is called ‘Mint Cocoa’. I can’t wait to use these in flower arrangements as soon as the stems start getting longer. The plants are pretty short right now, so I’ll likely just deadhead the blooms – or maybe I’ll cut them, and put them in a tiny little jar.

Aside from the grass that has managed to grow through my weed barrier fabric, things are looking pretty good. The ground cherries (front) are getting really big. I was really surprised to see that the stem of the plant has grown so large already. The plant is loaded with tiny fruits, but I know literally nothing about when or how to pick them. I guess I’ll need to Google that.

The cantaloupes have also started to flower. Trying to grow melons last year was a complete flop, so this year, I’m just hoping to avoid complete failure. Isn’t it great that I have such high expectations for my garden?

The ‘Carolina Cross’ watermelons have started to crawl a little bit, but I can’t help but feel like they should be bigger by now. The leaves are a nice size, and the damage from insects (so far) has been minimal – but I don’t think we’ll be growing any 200 pound melons this year.

‘Black Beauty’ Zucchini

‘Daddy Mix’ Petunia grown from seed. So easy!

For whatever reason, I’ve been really obsessed with taking pictures of foliage lately. This is one of the red amaranth plants that volunteer in my garden every year. I just let them grow wherever they pop-up.

‘Northern Lady’ Cowpeas

‘Red Amposta’ Onions- I started these onions from seed using the winter sowing method in January. I think they look great! No signs of starting to bulb yet, but they are an intermediate day variety – so there shouldn’t be any trouble. I’m just going to make sure that these things get plenty of nitrogen.

‘Torch’ Tithonia

The statice that we winter sowed will be blooming soon. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that I had planted the ‘Apricot Mix’. However, the flowers are a mix of white, purple, and pink (so far). Either, I’m remembering incorrectly or something accidentally got switched. I’m happy, regardless.

‘Bodacious’ sweet corn! I love growing sweet corn, even if the plants don’t always get as tall as I’d like them to. No signs of tassles or silks, yet!

More foliage! This time it’s the ‘Tornado Red’ Celosia. I bought this variety from Baker Creek. I was so disappointed when I opened the package and saw that it had only 20 seeds. Lame. Anyway, I put those 20 seeds into a winter sowing container around the beginning of April. So far, so good.


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