June Garden Update – Cut Flower Garden and Vegetable Gardening for Beginners – Growing Flowers from Seed

I know I say it every single time that I write one of these, but I seriously can’t believe how much everything has grown since the last time I posted! Let’s take a quick look around, shall we?

Here’s a look at the entire garden. I took the time to pull out a lot of the weeds and the grass, but I’ll admit – it’s still looking a little bit rough. The pole beans in the back have finally started to climb up the trellis, and that makes me extremely happy. I’ve been trying to take a better picture, but it’s been so rainy and humid here that the camera “auto” settings just default to this blurry mess. By the way, all that stuff in the back is corn and sorghum. I swear it’s not weeds and tall grass. LOL. 

The ‘Carolina Cross’ watermelons are finally starting to vine a little bit. I realllllllly hope we get some watermelons this year. You can see the vines are headed towards the bush beans. I’ll have to redirect those pretty soon. Here’s an overall look at the melon patch. This area mostly consists of cantaloupes in the front. They’re actually growing way better than I had expected. I lost every single melon plant last year to cucumber beetles. So far, I haven’t seen a single cucumber beetle this year. If you look really closely, you can see that I’ve also planted some basil in there with the melons. They seem to be growing together really nicely. I might make “melons and basil” a yearly thing if all goes well. 

Once again, I’ve made the mistake of planting pumpkins near other things. The ‘Big Max’ pumpkins are currently trying to “steamroll” my ground cherries and are heading towards the melons. I can’t blame them for being bullies. After all, you’d think that by now I would know not to plant this stuff so closely together.

Here’s a different view of all of the squash plants vining around. Pretty soon they’ll be climbing up the green bean trellis. I didn’t plan that either.

Remember when I planted those rudbeckia seeds in a pizza box? Well, here they are. I told you that they probably wouldn’t care where they came from. I can’t wait to see them start blooming. 

Ugh! Look at these amaranth. There’s a post about these coming sometime soon.

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One thought on “June Garden Update – Cut Flower Garden and Vegetable Gardening for Beginners – Growing Flowers from Seed

  1. You are growing pole beans, corn and squash. All the items of a Native American Three Sisters garden. Thus you can save some space by using the Three Sisters principle where the corn is used as the trellis for the beans. 🙂

    Side note: I am not partial to an over neat garden. Perfect looking, Instagram ready gardens don’t create better tasting food. Only demos people who have more time on their hands they they should have, and probably spend more money on making the garden look photo-ready than all the output from the garden is actually worth at retail prices. I like vegetable gardens that are a bit rough. They are more real. More normal. More like most people’s garden. Keep it real. 🙂

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