Zinnias, Lettuce, Cosmos, and More…

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means – another flower arrangement! I’ll be honest, it’s a total coincidence that I’m posting this on a Wednesday. Like I said, I’m really not good at keeping schedules. Hope you enjoy!

‘Monstrosum Mix’ Strawflowers
‘Benary’s Giant Wine’ Zinnias
‘Red Flint’ Ageratum

3 thoughts on “Zinnias, Lettuce, Cosmos, and More…

  1. I planted a bunch of zinnias and dahlias from seeds back in May and still waiting to see them bloom. Hopefully any day now… 🙂

  2. Your Benary Wine look a whole lot purpler than the photo on Johnny’s. I just ordered100 of them, hoping for a bit more maroon color to use in holiday arrangements. That’s the fun part of gardening, live and learn…..

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