Picking the Last Dahlias from the Garden – Pretend Cut Flower Farm

So, in my last blog post I said that I was going to start cleaning up the garden to get it ready for fall crops. I still haven’t done that. I haven’t even started. A pile of things that were way more important came up, and I had to just stopping worrying about it. I’m going to try to start working on it next week. The mess out there is honestly really intimidating.

Today, I waded through the waist high weeds to pick the last of some really gorgeous cut flowers. I brought them in and knew that I had to arrange them. 

I recently bought some lights and a photo backdrop to take better pictures. My main motivation was that I was always so frustrated that I couldn’t take good pictures. My house is an embarrassing piece of crap…so this was really the only option if I wanted things to look nice. I constantly find myself annoyed that everything I see online is fake – yet, here I am, buying this crap. Let’s be real though, no one wants to look at my thrift store kitchen table anymore.

2 thoughts on “Picking the Last Dahlias from the Garden – Pretend Cut Flower Farm

  1. Gorgeous flowers and I am sure you could give arranging the weeds a red-hot go! My mother was visiting me in Australia from Sweden and we were invited for dinner at a farm of some friends. She set out to pick ”field flowers” and came home with a mass of weeds. Well, she had no idea of what is a weed down here! She made a bouquet and we brought it to the farmer. I didn’t want to say anything. Nor did the farmer, on being presented with some noxious weeds (albeit pretty). Was very funny.

  2. Love the zinnias mixed with dahlia! My house is always a mess, and I was constantly looking for one clean well-lit corner to use for photos. Finally got some backdrop boards and made a few of my own. It works wonders. I also use scrapbook paper as a backdrop!

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