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I first became interested in growing snowdrops after writing an article about them on the Gardening Know How website. Did you know that I’m a contributing writer there? Anyhow, before that article, I really didn’t know anything about them. After finding out that they’re an early spring bloom (also prone to some naturalization), I knew that I needed to try growing them myself.

Admittedly, I was drawn to the variety ‘flore pleno’ for their super cute double flowers. I’ll be really interested to see what they look like in the garden, as I’ve read that many of these flowers usually nod downwards toward the ground.

To plant these tiny bulbs, all I’m going to do is prepare my soil according to the package instructions. In this case, I worked the soil to a depth of about 2 inches deep. You’ll obviously want to plant these bulbs with pointy side up. After that, I gently covered the bulbs with soil. Here’s hoping that we’ll have some really beautiful blooms this spring. Thank you so much for reading.

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