Planting Hardy Annual Flowers from Seed into the Hoop House – Progress – Cut Flower Farm

I feel like I’ve been saying it for months now, but I’m so far behind. In a perfect world, the hoophouse would have been planted and ready for winter back in October. Between the weather and the busy thanksgiving holiday – it just didn’t happen. I was finally able to get things situated last weekend. Most importantly, starting with tilling the soil and getting it ready for landscape fabric.

The soil in the hoophouse was much more wet than I would have liked to work. Working wet soil always makes me nervous, as the clay in my soil often causes it to turn to concrete. But, I simply couldn’t put it off any longer. I laid my landscape fabric down and began the process of burning holes and placing my seedlings into their final places. Here’s a quick look at some of the hardy annual seedlings that I planted. Surprisingly, I started too many seeds this year! That’s the first time I’ve had that problem – a good problem to have!

Ranunculus corms are growing great!
Icelandic poppy seedlings look a little rough.
Anemone corms growing. Some of them rotted before growing. Ugh!
Dusty miller seedlings getting some size!
Trying to overwinter these calendula seedlings again this year.
Johnny jump up seedlings ready for their final home.
The alyssum seedlings don’t look so good.
Biennial canterbury bells seedlings
‘White Wonder’ Feverfew seedlings
Whoa! Look at those bells of ireland seedlings! AMAZING!
‘Summer Berries’ Yarrow seedlings
‘Farewell to Spring’ Godetia seedlings
Strawflower seedlings
Chantilly Snapdragon seedlings

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