Flower Seedlings in the Hoophouse – Ready for Winter – Cut Flower Farm


Bells of Ireland seedlings are in the garden beds and ready to be overwintered.
I was so happy with the bells of ireland germination rates this year. Cold treatment, in addition to soaking the seed for 5 days, really made the difference.
It’s going to be so cool if all these bells of ireland plants growing into beautiful flowers. I’ve never been successful with bells of ireland before, so I’m really hoping that something good happens.
This flower bed technically isn’t in the hoophouse. It’s going to be a low tunnel. Hopefully, it will hold up and do its job through the winter.
Wow! Look at all those seedlings!
I’ve only got a small section of ranunculus corms in the hoophouse this year.
A lot of the hoophouse is held together with duct tape. Ideally, there are other ways to make a hoophouse, but I’m on a REALLY, REALLY tight budget.
Woohoo! Look at those Icelandic poppies. This is another plant that I’ve never had success with – I’m so excited.
Here’s a close up of the sweet pea seeds just starting to germinate. I decided to direct sow these.
A really cool picture of the godetia. I think they’re so pretty.
A close up of the Katz Bright Rose (or is it Pink?) Stock seedlings. Another first time overwintering plant for me.
The section of stock seedlings in the hoophouse.
Close up of pink chantilly snapdragon seedlings.
More snapdragon seedlings.
Growing SO MANY snapdragon seedlings!
Another look at the sweet pea planting – no green leaves yet!
Pink canterbury bells seedlings in the hoophouse.
Canterbury bells seedling
Another picture looking down the tunnel.
The strawflower seedlings transplanted well.
More strawflowers
Bachelor’s buttons seedlings
Technically, these bachelor’s buttons don’t need the tunnel – but I planted them anyway.
I’m really excited about the feverfew, too!
Feverfew close up!
Agrostemma seedlings
Group planting of sweet william dianthus
Calendula seedlings are getting big
Bupleurum seedlings
Verbascum seedlings
Anemone corms beginning to grow.
English daisy seedlings. I’ve never grown these before.
Scabiosa seedlings

Luckily, I was finally able to finish planting the hardy annual cut flower seedlings into the hoophouse. Though most of these flowers are annuals, I did include some biennial flowers under cover, as well. Here’s hoping for a beautiful spring and summer.

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