Pride, Arrogance, and Superiority in Flower Farming

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So, I’ll be the first one to admit it – I never feel like I’ll be that “perfect” person. If you follow any other flower farmers (or a lot of bloggers) online, I think it is likely that you know what I mean. The photos are beautiful, the flowers are beautiful, their skin looks flawless in photos – everything is so carefully edited, curated, and crafted that it makes you hate yourself and want to quit. I’ve been there, a lot.

In addition to the artfully out of focus images, even the information is just vague enough to make you think that this person must surely be some kind of super amazing garden goddess or something. I’ll never be that.

You are no more or no less than any other person. The garden in my crappy backyard is just as beautiful as yours. Just because I find used heroin needles in my flower bed, doesn’t make you better than me. Those sunflowers behind the liquor store, those are mine – and they are one of the few things that inspire me to keep going. Don’t you dare tell me that I shouldn’t grow something because “these flowers aren’t for beginners”. The thing is – even if I fail a million times, I’ll try again. There isn’t another option.

At the end of the day – we’re all just sticking plants into the ground. It’s not exactly rocket science.


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